Ali Ibn Yusuf

Серебро с позолотой


A fine and rare Seljuk silver and gold ring set with a deep purple stone seal bearing the name of Ali Ibn Yusuf, Persia, 12th century the ring with silver and gold decoration, with a calligraphic band to interior and niello design to underside, set with a deep purple stone carved with a lion and inscription 2.5cm. diam. bi’llah yathiq ‘ali ‘Ali puts his trust in God’ The name ‘Ali is written within the image of the lion which often represents ‘Ali as he is called Asadullah 'Lion of God’ Around the bezel: al-‘izz al-da/’im wa al-i/qbal al/ al-baqa ‘Perpetual Glory and Prosperity [and] Long-life’ Inside the ring, in Persian: Undeciphered Whereas the seal on this ring is probably datable to the eight or ninth century, it was mounted on a ring of a later, twelfth-century period. The quality of the carving is particularly fine.

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