Seals, Finger Rings, Engraved Gems and Amulets in the Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter; by Sheila Hoey Middleton



DESCRIPTION: Hardcover in printed boards. Publisher: Sutton Publishing UK (1998). Pages: 147. Size: 9 x 8 inches; 1½ pounds.. This is a catalogue of the rather nice collection of gems in the Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter, consisting almost entirely of the bequests of Lt. Col. L. A. D. Montague in 1946 and of Dr N. L. Corkill in 1966. Together they document the history of seal engraving from 3000 BC to the nineteenth century, from the Near East, Greece and Rome, and the Renaissance, from Akkadian cylinder seals to Sassanian stamp seals and Bactrian ringstones.

CONDITION: NEW. NEW hardcover in printed boards. Sutton Publishing (1998) 147 pages.

REVIEW: Sheila Hoey Middleton has a degree in modern languages f4rom Victoria University, New Zealand, and studied Art History at University in Florence and Oxford. She subsequently pursued her interests in these fields while living in Iran, Malaysia, Yugoslavia, and Korea with her husband. Her publications include: “Engraved Gems from Dalmatia from the Collections of Sir John Gardner and Sir Arthur Evans in Harrow School, at Oxford and Elsewhere”, published by the Oxford Committee for Archaeology; and “A Collection of Choson Dynasty White Ware Sherds”; published in “Oriental Art”.


REVIEW: The museum holds about one hundred cylinder seals, engraved gems, and amulets, almost all most of which are from the complementing bequests of L. A. D. Montague in 1946 and N. L. Corkill in 1966. Together they illustrate the long history of the practice from about 3000 BC to the 19th century AD. Middleton draws from a background in both modern languages and art history to describe the artifacts and discuss their history and meanings. She includes black-and-white photographs of all of them and color photographs of 20 [Book News].

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